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Through the substantial funding resources available, we are able to arrange funding and recycle qualifies toxic contaminated projects as well as nontoxic land sites. These sites may be on various existing plant projects such as real estate, steel manufacturing, nonferrous metals, nuclear, chemicals, oil refineries, and any other project-sites that may be toxic or contaminated.

Government and State Agencies are requiring that many of these toxic sites begin the process of recycling and remediation. Lenders and mortgage holders in many instances have experienced severe liability against their insurance portfolios.

As result Globix through its principal enders/investors/syndicates are prepared to review any toxic sites for remediation that requires minimum investment is $5 million USD. We can arrange structured funding for both the purchase and recycling-remediation to certified quality standards, including insurance to mitigate any liability to the selling entity. The objective is to develop various energy projects including solar farms on unusable toxic land.