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How to Obtain Finance for Hotel Projects?

Hotel financing refers to the process of obtaining funding for hotel projects, such as purchasing, renovating, or building hotels. There are various sources of financing available for hotels, including bank loans, Small Business Administration loans, commercial real estate loans, equipment loans, bridge loans, and hard money loans.

Some lenders specialize in the hospitality industry and can offer guidance throughout the entire hotel project. Hotel financing can be complex, and borrowers need to be aware of specific aspects of hotel lending, such as franchise agreements and hotel management agreements.

The amount that can be financed for hotel projects varies, but it can be up to $14 million for renovation, acquisition, refinance, equipment, franchising, or working capital.

Hotel Financing
Hotel Financing – Globix Funding

What Are The Types of Hotel Financing Options?

Hotel financing in New York can be obtained through various sources. Private finance companies offer loans for existing hotels, new hotels, construction financing, remodeling, or renovation. They provide programs like commercial property loans, term loans, equipment loans, and property improvement plan loans.

In addition to financing, these companies have a team of experienced professionals that work with clients through underwriting and closing. They also offer extended services like managing components of development, remodeling, repositioning, and acquisition

Globix Funding – Your Financial Friend in Need

It is important to work with reliable consultants and planners to ensure success and make informed decisions regarding hotel financing options

Globix Funding offers a comprehensive syndication program that helps clients secure corporate bonds for their projects without facing dilution of their financing. The program extends to worldwide projects and offers various financial instruments such as common stock and debt-equity.

The program is customized to suit individual client needs, with a funding range of $5 million or more and a maximum tenure of 10 years. This professional service caters to clients seeking non-dilutive financing to realize their project potential.