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Stated Income Mortgage Lenders

Foreign National Mortgages:
Up to $5M ($10M available case by case). An exclusive program for foreign nationals that lack established credit history or credit score, verifiable assets or tax documents. The program allows providing income documents as well as four credit references and liquid asset from country of origin. The funds may be used for second home occupancy or for investment property acquisitions with 40% to 50% down payment.

Stated Income for Investment Properties:
 1-4 Family, No Prepayment Penalties, adjustable and fixed terms. program require 720 credit score and 12 months of mortgage payment in reserve.

One Year Tax Return for Self Employed Borrowers:
Self Employed borrower must provide two years of income documentation and average of those income will represent income for qualification purposes.Our special program allows use of the latest tax return for income qualification for those borrowers that prefer not averaging their income.