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Movie financing – Tailored solutions for the entertainment industry.​

Movie financing refers to the process of raising money to produce a movie. Similar to film financing, it can come from various sources, including independent film financing, studios, distributors, production houses, and private investors. The primary ways to fund a movie are equity financing, debt financing, and various forms of financial assistance such as tax breaks or grants.

Independent Film Financing for Movies

Private investors, friends, and family are the most prevalent financing sources for indie movies. Movie finance companies provide funding towards businesses to produce movies in exchange for a percentage of ownership in the finished product.

Studios finance their movies through either equity financing or debt financing with investments ranging from $1 million to $10 million, with the rest covered by pre-sales agreements with foreign distributors and TV networks that want to air them in their homeland.

The process of independent movie financing can be difficult due to the risks involved in making movies, as many may have little tangible value at the end of the process

independent film financing companies

Globix Funding – Independent Film Financing Company in New York

Globix Funding is an independent Film Finance and Movie Financing company based in New York. Please provide executive summary, text of the completion bond, distribution agreement and break down of the funds needed. We will work closely with you and will arrange the most appropriate financial arrangements for your project.

Globix Funding, through its direct representation of selective funding programs for the entertainment industry will provide funding for qualified entities for entertainment industry for, film and television producers, entertainment technology companies, foreign and domestic sales agents, and post-production houses.