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What is Entertainment Industry Financing?

Financing a film or entertainment project can be done through various means, including bank loans, government-assisted programs, and private equity. Entertainment Industry financing options in New York include NYSCA’s IND Program, bank loans, private investors, corporations, and government grants. However, securing funding for films can be a complex process that requires a full understanding of available options.

Entertainment Industry Financing
Entertainment Industry Financing – Globix Funding

Get Independent Funding For Your Film Project

Getting funding for your next big project is an intricate process that requires a balance of multiple investments, debts, and deals. It is essential to have a full understanding of the financing options available before pursuing them.

For entertainment financing, it is essential to attract potential investors by explaining the project details and demonstrating a clear vision. Additionally, it is important to avoid common mistakes in order to increase the chances of raising financing.

Globix Funding offers Private Funding for Films at Attractive Rates?

Thorough special syndication program, Globix Funding will assist in arranging the issuance of corporate bonds for our clients when they seek non-dilutive financing in order to realize the potential of a project.

$5Million – No Maximum 10 years depending upon what works best for the client. Other types of instruments offers is Common stock, Debt-Equity. This program is available for projects worldwide.