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What is Commercial Industrial Finance?

Commercial Industrial Finance refers to loans and financing options that are specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses and corporations. These loans are typically used for capital expenditures, and working capital, and to finance major capital expenditures such as equipment.

The loans are given to businesses and corporations rather than individuals and usually have variable interest rates. Commercial Industrial Financing can be obtained from various financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, and other lending organizations.

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Commercial Industrial Finance Programs

What are the Types of Industrial Finance?

There are various types of industrial finance available, which can be managed through institutions like banks, money markets, and capital markets.

Some of the common functions of industrial finance include providing financial support, assisting in the establishment of new industries, renovating and modernization of existing businesses, fulfilling pre- and post-production procedures, promoting research and development, providing direct assistance, and encouraging corporate fundraising through different securities.

The types of commercial industrial finance available to businesses may include subsidized medium or long-term financing, which can be used for new and existing projects, including expansions, financial restructuring, and acquisitions.

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Industrial Finance- Globixfunding

Globixfunding – Your Trusted Finance Partner

Globix Funding has access to a full array of commercial industrial finance programs for all kinds of industrial properties, including flex, logistics, credit tenant, and mix-use properties. Our industrial finance programs offer cash outs, adjustable rates, fixed rates, recourse, and non-recourse options.